For over 45 years Ventil Test Equipment is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high quality test units for pressure testing valves. An unrivalled commitment to quality and performance, continuous development and innovating in close cooperation with our clients, have brought us where we are today; world's leading manufacturer of high pressure test equipment for industrial valves. With branch offices in Russia and the USA and a group of reselling agents Ventil is present in the most important industrial locations world wide. Ventil test units are being used by valve manufacture- and repair companies in over 60 country's world wide.

In its specialised discipline Ventil is a constant source of technical support for the client involved in valve testing as well as being a problem solver in the field. The Ventil engineering staff, based in the Ventil headquarters in The Netherlands, is specialised in the design of hardware for test systems, process control and safety applications. Ventil has all expertise in one company available:
the unique combination of mechanical, instrumentation, hydraulic, IT (software) and electrical specialised engineers, assisted by computer aided design. We belief that the test requirements differs from client to client and we therefore adapt our standard machines to your requirements. In order to meet these requirements our experienced engineering department is continuous looking for new and improved solutions.Ventil can be considered to be a true manufacturer. Quick delivery, quality control and product development have always been key factors for the company and our in-house facility's enable us to keep full control on the production process. Both main parts; the heavy constructed quick clamping system and the analogue or digital control panel are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in-house by experienced and dedicated Ventil personnel.
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